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opera buffa
Conductor: Stefano Rabaglia

Count Almaviva: Oliviero Giorgiutti
Countess Rosina Almaviva: Ingrid Haller
Susanna: Anamarija Knego
Figaro: Dario Bercich
Iva Krušić
Marcellina: Olga Kaminska
Bartolo: Slavko Sekulić
Basilio: Sergej Kiselev
Don Curzio: Sergej Kiselev
Barbarina: Morana Pleše
Antonio: Luka Ortar
Harpsichord: Nicoletta Olivieri
Accompanist: Nataliya Marycheva


Director: Eva Buchmann
Dramaturge: Ben Hurkmans
Costume design: Manuela Paladin Šabanović
Choreographer: Oksana Brandiboura Kožul
Lighting design: Dubravka Kurobasa
Chorus master: Nicoletta Olivieri
Concertmaster: Romeo Drucker
Translation of the libretto into Croatian: Maura Filippi
Prompter: Nina Simčić
Stage managers: Gilda Maria Castellano / Valter Milavec

Le Nozze di Figaro '18

Le Nozze di Figaro '18

The Marriage of Figaro is definitely Mozart’s most inspired comical work. Numerous famous arias, comical twists and plenty of unexpected dramatic turns have made this opera one of the most frequently performed Mozart operas overall. Director Ewa Buchmann will dedicate herself to the subtle characterisation of numerous characters, each of which having his or her darker and hidden side that develops with the plot all the way to the unfolding of all banalities and simplicities of human impulses and wishes. All these conditions are accompanied by Mozart’s brilliant score that expresses best his talent for musical dramaturgy. The soloist cast will feature a great number of our soloists, as Anamarija Knego, Robert Kolar, Ivana Srbljan, Dario Berchich and Slavko Sekulić, but also renowned guests. This work will be created in the coproduction with the Piccolo Festival del Friuli Venezia Giulia from Italy and Punto Arte from the Netherlands.


"Eva Buchmann's direction is done very carefully and and dynamically, as one would like to see in the greatest theaters. Buchmann makes perfect use of the space at her disposal, transforming it with some details into the bedroom of Figaro and Susanna or, when necessary, of the Countess. Her direction is palpable in every single singer and is also based on small details: the Countess winks at Figaro after making it clear to him that the Count holds the call for Cherubino's army. Not to mention the Count listening to the Countess sing Porgi amor: one of those things that warms the heart."

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